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Womens Boots Sale Outlet Wool Felted Boots,Felted Boots,Lacy Crocheted Boots,Slouch Lace Boots,Leg warmer,Lace Boots Cuff,Out/Indoor Boots,Slow Design Canada Daily XYL0137949 made -momoish CDFNPTUZ57

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Fuzzy yet light, these wool felted boots are perfect for a chilly day (: The shape is slim, which wraps around your feet as if they're custom made. The insides are plump and soft, and they will cotton your feet for the entire day. Furthermore, your feet will never get clammy even though the boots are fuzzy, because the wool in which it is made out of has a natural ability to regulate moisture. FYI on wool: Wool is a natural fiber that has been irreplaceable protection from cold and heat for more than two thousand years. It reacts to our body temperature and therefore can naturally warm or cool (= 4 seasonal!). The uneven surfaces contains millions of small air “pockets" that maintains warmth in our body. The lanolin in wool absorbs or maintains the moisture in different weather conditions, and naturally fights microbes, eliminating bad odors. Wool has been believed to have similar affects to acupuncture, healing pain in different areas of our body.The boots are padded with natural virbam soles to prevent slips on shiny surfaces, and the cushioning padding also provides great shock absobtion. 1/4" thick. details: - Natural grey wool - slim fit- lightweight- delicate and extravagant feel - felted (what's felting?) - hand spun, hand crocheted , hand felted, 100% handmade> Felting is a product made from wool, using moisture, heat, soap and friction. Handmade from 100% pure virgin wool, these slippers are not only soft and light, but also permeable to air, and doesn't require to be washed often. size: available in custom make upon request. (we will send you a size chart)care: Felting gets rid of all dirt very easily. It’s sufficient enough to just crumple slippers softly in the water. You don’t need to wring it. After washing, rinse boots and drain them by wrapping them in a towel, then form it around your feet to regain the original shape. Dry it in horizontal position. - hand wash cold- use mild soap- do not tumble dry; lay flat to air dry- can be reshaped into desired figure with hands while still damp

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